Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the departure of the sailing boats?

The departure is from one of the ports of Siófok.Usually form Stefánia sailing boat port (Vitorlás street 14.) The other option is the Ezüstpart sailig boat port at Balatonszéplak opposite Calypso Restaurant. At the time of the booking our collegue will tell the exact place of the departure.


Is there an option for depart from other port?

Naturally, yes. We can provide the departure from other port against extra charge for the 2 hour long or the whole day long sailing boat renting. In the case of the whole day long we can provide the departure change against the timeperiod of the renting or extra charge.

Why is that? In normal way our ships based at Siófok, to depart from other port, our captain has to go to the other requested place. It takes minimum 2 hours depending on the distance.


Is there an option to swim in the lake during the sailing?

Of course the option is avilable. It depends on you, that the actual weather is fit for the swimming.


In case of bad weather the program can be delayed for the next day?

If the sailing is cancelled because the weather makes it unavilable, we can always offer an other appointment.

Weather is not avilable for sailing:In case of stronger wind than 40km/h, heavy rain and when the temperatue goes below 15’C we offer to delay the sailing.


How long can I rent out a sailing boat?

The boats can rented out for at least 2 hours and we don’t mark a maximum time period, so the boats are avilable for weeks long if you want it.

Important to know!

Our sailing boats are avilable for renting every day from 9:00am till 8:00pm. So if you want to rent out a boat think about this timeperiod.


Is there an option to dock in other ports? Is there a BAHART sticker on the sailing boats?

Yes, and yes. All of our boats have the sticker. It depends only on the time period of the renting, which port you dock.


Can we bring our pets?

Dogs, cats and other ind of pets are can’t be brought to the sailing boats, but till a certain size, our collegues look after them in our office or in the port during the sailing. Always discuss it with our college about this. There is an option for small sized dogs to be on the boats, if it was discussed beforehand.


Can we bring babys to sailing?

The sailing is not recommended for kids under 3 years, the captains don’t take the responsibilty for them, so we would like to request our guests to find a baby sitter during the timeperiod of the sailing.


What should we wear for the sailing?

There isn’t any kind of strict rule, always dress up properly to the season. If it is possible please come in a white soled shoes. The black or coloured soled shoes will make patches, what is really hard to clean.


Is there a rescue vest in the boats?

The rescue vest is part of the standard equpment. we can provide rescue vests for the adults and for 6-14 years old children too. If you want to give a little child a rescue vest please take care of it.


Can we bring food and drinks with ourselfes?

Of course you can. If you don’t want to take plus burden with yourself the cold drinks are waiting for you. Drink packages are avilable for the sailing boats. clink the link down below:


Should we play advance?

We always ask for an advance payment what should be payed. This is usually the 50% of the full price. We can fix your booking when the advence money is transferred.

If it’s more comfortable for you, you can transfer the whole money.


Where should I transfer the the advance money?

Our collegue will send you the adress.


In case of bad weather the money can be transfered back?

If the sailing is cancelled over our responsibilty, and we don’t find a new appointment, the advance money will be sended back.


How much does it cost to rent out a sailing boat?

It is variable, many factors can change the price. These factors are below:

The season: The date of the renting always be held at one season. We make difference between before-, after-, main- and emphasized season, wich can change the price.

Timeperiod: Our boats can be rented out from 2 to 8 hours a day, or for more days even for weeks. The price is increases with the lenght of the renting.

Number of guests: Minimum 2 person till 12 person.

Type of the sailing boat: Our fleet includes many type of sailing boats, premium quality too wich price is higher than the others.

Prices of the boat renting


Are the boats avilable without captain?

Yes, with the proper license.


Can you provide a captain with teh renting?

Yes in every case. Except, if you have the proper license, in this case you can take out the boat without a skipper.


Where will we find you? How long can we contact you?

Our office is at Petőfi sétány 9. Every day between 9:00 – 18:00 the office is open.


Is there an option for drinking champagne?

Naturally, yes. If it’s needed we can serve cold champagne or we can provide drink packages too.

drink packages


Is there an option to change a fixed appointment?

Yes, it is possible. We would like to ask our guest to try to choose an appointment that you are going to surely come and change the date in uttermost case.


How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel the booking 3 days before the renting. In other case the advance money won’t be transferred back.

And it’s important to explain with normal reason, why do you want to cancel the booking otherwise we can’t transfer the money back.

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