Adrenalin tours

We offer our 320 horsepower speedboat for high speed adrenalin tours. The 15 person motorboats depart on schedule from Siófok Port, and provide real high speed boat trips on Lake Balaton. Available for both water taxi service – at any point of the lake – or adrenaline tour at Siófok, both offers a unique experience for our guests.

Adrenaline tours from Siófok, at Lake Balaton !





The 15 person, 320 horsepower ships are available for adrenaline tours like this:


Good to know:

– In the name of the crew, we are greatly thankful if your shoes are not making any scuff marks!

– In the timetable there’s only a couple fixed departure times shown. Based on both online and offline applicants we increase this number through the day in real time. Despite this, your best chance might be booking a trip in advance through the phone. If you book a date online, there might be small changes regarding the adrenalin tours.

In low season (may, june and september) it’s more important to book in advance as at least 6 person is needed to start an adrenalin tour.

The stronger the wind, the better the experience is.

It’s recommended to wrap your non waterproof valuables. Wind strength usually above 30 km/h but there were cases with 50-60 km/h wind as well! Just need to survive 🙂

Depending on the circumstances you might not be able to try the drivers role with these ships.

Contact us if you are interested in speedboat or adrenalin tours!

Speedboat service starting from Siófok.

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