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Pirate ship programs for children and adults, departing from Siófok

On Lake Balaton a really unique experience awaits those who decide by a trip on our Talizmán pirate ship. In this season your children and you have the chance to meet Captain Jack Sparrow himself, while becoming pirates yourselves ! All the way through the trip you can count on Captain Jack to keep up the good mood and children under his command can try themselves as true seafaring pirates. In this special interactive playground and pirate show program the usual sailing trip becomes a wild and unique adventure. The little pirates can learn how to navigate the ship and take over the wheel, how to use a sword, but making bottle messages or finding treasures are all part of the experience!


You can find information about our pirate ship tour times in the timetable.

In high season our pirate programs start each hour through the day! Boarding at Siófok.

As always your best chance is to book a date online, the usual departing times might change depending on our other groups, and private programs.

Childrens pirate ship program on Lake Balaton, departure from Siófok.

Actual, up-to-date prices are to be found at this link.

Cruising boat on the lake Balaton, leaving from Siófok according to the timetable.

Talizmán II – The Spanish
 Departure Time  Program 
9:45Children boat
11:00Children boat
12:15Children boat
13:45Children boat
15:00Children boat
16:15Children boat
17:30Children boat
18:45Cruising boat – Sunset

Program information:

Children boat




Talizmán III – Juditta
 Departure Time Program
9:15Cruise boat
10:30Children boat
11:45Children boat
13:00Cruising or bathing tour
15:30Cruising or bathing tour
18:00Audi Guide
20:15Moon greeting or live music

Program information:

Swimming tour

Moon greeting or live music





Good to know:

– These programs are a good way of relaxation for everyone

– Adults can join the programs as well!

– Our animators are always tailoring the program for the actual passengers.

– Buy a combined ticket, and you can enjoy the pirate ship and our speed boat service on a discounted price!

We are looking for the most terrifying pirate family. Fill the faces with yours and send it to us at least until the end of June 2018. You will be able to vote here to choose from the pictures which are sent to info@tflotta.hu email address.

The top 10 family will receive an extra combined ticket.

  • Pirate ship program
  • Adrenalin tour
  • Talizmán city sightseeing bus ticket
  • 2 hour long sailing trip with captain (provided)


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