Outdoor team building activities – not restricted to Lake Balaton!

Regarding aquatic and sailing team building activities we have obviously reached a leading position on the market in the last 15 years, however our services are available independently from ships, and from Lake Balaton as well. Our outdoor and indoor services are available in Budapest, but on special request it is possible to organize the events in any part of the country.

Our outdoor programs are tailored to our clients need, considering the circumstances – make it be Budapest or a place without mobil service

From extreme activities to freetime programs we provide many options to choose from.

We provide the equipment, accommodation, catering, and anything else the program requires.

We offer to organize our team building events completely, available in any part of the country you wish.

It is a truly special, exclusive experience.



Contact : 

E-mail: info@tflotta.hu

Tel.: +36/30 542 4547

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