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Stag party on Lake Balaton

Do you want unforgettable memories? Don’t know how to spend the last party before the Big Day? Only an hour drive from Budapest to enjoy the clear fresh water and the feels of Lake Balaton with a cold beer in your hand.

Let us handle the management

spend your evening on an exclusive sailing yacht, with awesome activities, and on a really special location. Our yachts provide a perfect host for smaller and bigger parties as well, in the middle of Lake Balaton you don’t have to care about what others think, or who do you disturb – everyone can party as they wish. Depending on your request, from ship rental to the smallest details we manage everything, even the further part of the night after arriving back to Siófok if you please. We provide tickets on sale or for free to the best party places on Siófok.

In a private environment in the middle of Lake Balaton you will find exactly what you look for. For the gents it usually starts with unlimited beers, jumping to the water from the top of the ship, all while music is blasting as loud as you want. We will care about every part of the service, you just have to bring yourselves! Important to note if you choose us: “What happens on the ship, stays on the ship :)” What are you waiting for? Get on board with us!

Enjoy the unique experiences of Hungary. Only 100km from Budapest.

bachelor party in Siofok          bachelors party on lake Balaton

Bachelors party at the Balafon lake – An exclusive party on a boat, with these 3 options.

Talisman Bachelors party:

-Unlimited drinks: Hedon beer, and wine,

– 2 hour long private ship rental

– Lights and sound equipment

– Dancers on request


Program prices



Speedboat bachelors party

– 30 minutes of high speed tour at 80 km/h, and 1,5 hours of party in the middle of the Lake with a 320 hp strong speedboat

– Loud music, swimming, sunbathing

– For request we provide a drink package, but you can bring your own!

– Accessories and games are available here as well

– Max 12 person

Program prices

Sailing bachelors party:

– 2 hours long sailing trip with provided captain

– Sailing, swimming, sunbathing and drinking

– Additional programs and accessories are available

– Max 9 person

Program prices

Good to know:

Our guests receive a free entry to one of the best places on Siófok’s party promenade, with a free drink and a ticket to provide 20% from all of your drinks.


In any case, it’s only you on board! No other groups to share with.

Lap dancers are possible to request but not part of the basic offer.

The ships leave and arrive on agreed time.



We would like to offer our special offer, which can be combined with the bachelorettes party as well of course.

Completely comfortable Relax tour: Bathing tour on the middle of the Lake.

Either as part of our usual service, or as a special request we organize tours to the middle of the Lake, 1 or 2,5 hours long tours. If you choose the one hour long option, it provides only a short bathing, with a free drink after. Our bathing programs are a good foundation for any kind of program with family or friends. One thing is for sure, that everyone will remember this day.

The 2,5 hour long tour (if you choose to start from Siófok) is a longer and more comfortable option. Sunbathing, swimming, relaxing in the middle of the Lake, in the always crystal clear water. We could write a novel about this, but it’s much better if you try for yourself!

Regarding our bachelors party in Siófok package please contact us: +36 30 5424 547