Event organization services, not only at Balaton


We provide event management and organization services both aboard our ships on Lake Balaton and on land. Only an hour drive from Budapest, or various locations in Hungary. By our experience and partners we offer full service event management.  Business events, company trainings, team buildings with optional additional services are our specialty. Location is completely up to you, our team is available in any part of the country depending on your needs. Trainings, conferences, banquets, PR and media events are our main profile.

Business meetings

On such events the smallest things have the biggest impact – with sufficient breaks, an optimal hosting place, timing efficiently, the attendants are able to concentrate on what’s important – the goal of the meeting itself. Events lasting days are heavily affected by the freetime circumstances – optional activities, accomodation, catering, all plays a big part of the participants days – improving these and providing extra comfort means additional motivation and concentration for the work tasks.


From mini-trainings to couple hundred person trainings we provide high quality and specific service. With our experienced trainers we provide a constantly evolving, wide range of different programs to our trainees. Similarly to business events – and any other of our services – we focus on the small details as well.

Media and PR events

Besides the client, their guests have to feel well and free in such events, and to leave with positive memories. If you ever need a helping hand with creating a smooth experience: product introduction, work presentation or other kind of programs – we provide high quality full service so you can concentrate on your part!


These events are loosely planned, give a free and leisure feeling – but as all these have a goal as well – new connections, business relations born easily in an environment like this.



“We are home at Lake Balaton”

In the summer or the winter, we offer company event management services


Basic locations: Siófok, Balatonfüred, Tihany, Budapest


As for special requests we can organize the event at any part of the country.



E-mail: info@tflotta.hu

Tel.: +36/30 542 4547