Team building activities – not only at Lake Balaton!

Balaton, sailing, and team building activities – these are our specialties. From the largest ships on Lake Balaton, to small sailing ships and motorboats, basically everything what floats – we rely on these tools to give you the best offer, and organize team building and other outdoor activities. A sailing ship team building program is a good choice for smaller and bigger companies as well – from 9 to 500 person we offer to organize any size of team building. Our services are available in the whole country – but of course ship related activities are tied to Lake Balaton. However if you have different interests, we provide any kind of team building service at any part of the country. For sailing team building activities we offer the Talizmán I., II., and III. – the largest sailing ships on Lake Balaton.

The program of the teambuilding is always tailored to the unique requirements of our guests – considering the number of people and any other circumstances, – while combining the water and outdoor elements to provide excellent opportunities for your team to grow. Catering service, drink packs, snack plates, complete dinner or barbecue – choose what suits your team best!

Team building on Lake Balaton:


Team building activities on sailing ships

The sailing ship team building program is revolving around intelligence, skillfulness and bravery – examples are mast-climbing, or target shooting with airsoft guns.

Aquatic team building:

The aquatic team building is an enjoyable and relaxing way of team building in the summer – kind of a holiday for your workers, while they improve their skills in concentration, slickness, or team working abilities. Your employees gain important soft skills without them even noticing !


On ground team buildings:

Indoor team building

Outdoor team building

Unfortunately you can’t always enjoy perfect weather on Lake Balaton, so we needed a backup plan for these occasions. Indoor and outdoor team building programs are a good backup plan when you plane ahead – so you don’t have to cancel the last minute just because of the weather. Outside of high season you might consider this the main plan already.



The list of common team building tasks have grown a lot over the years, so the final program can be creative, original and unique for all of our guests. Below we list, and give description about the most common examples.


Sailing team building – Sailing trip

Sailing Team Building – Regatta

Team Building – The drunken crew

Team Building – Rescue the ladies!

Pirate battle- Laserfight on the ground and on water 

Our team building, organised yearly


Sailing tour, and training

Timespan: minimum 1 hour

This is the basic package, where our guests can enjoy a sailing tour on board of the largest ships of Lake Balaton. You can decide by either complete relaxation, or request different tasks and programs for your team. The size and equipment of the ship makes it perfect for such activities, to get familiar with sailing, or learn other related skills.

Depending on the number of participants we organize 3-4 smaller groups, so everyone can attend both the conceptual and theoretical trainings.

This program gives the base of our other team building programs. The attending teams are always different, so usually we give a unique offer depending on your needs and requirements.

Regatta – Sailing tour team building

We offer our teambuilding services from 9 to 500 hundred person – however if the program contains more mainland activities there’s really no upper limit (only for those being on the ship at once.) If you prefer mostly sailing this package offers you half-day or daylong sailing race. Depending on our available vessels we use the four Talizmán sailing yachts and the necessary number of smaller sailing ships. The groups rotate between the ships, engage in different programs and activities, while enjoying our catering service – or anything you might request.

The drunken crew:

Timespan: min. 2 hours

Scenario: When the team arrives to our seemingly basic program, they might will notice that the crew is already “spectacularly” drinking alcohol. The basic training goes the usual way, up until the arrival of the “water police”. The policemen will practice a fast routine, which includes an alcoholmeter. After the “positive” result a heated argument takes place between the crew and the police, which ends with the crew being taken away. The passengers will stay on the ship alone, and use their fresh knowledge of sailing to navigate.

Of course at all times a qualified person stays on board, however it’s a secret for the guests.

The program is a fun and good way to practice a well defined teambuilding activity. The trainer who assists the situational tasks and a psychologist will review together the completed tasks and the guests partaking. This provides a professional feedback on your team, while they can enjoy a unique experience.

Rescue the ladies!

Timespan: min. 3 hours

Scenario: The team takes part on an orientation about tasks, or stays in the port for some other reason. The lady members of the group will be called on to a “unknown” ship, and it turns out they have their own intentions.

The unknown captain will sail off with the ladies on board, who can only ask for help from their left behind colleagues. Based on some kind of sign (GPS or other) they have to sail off to rescue them. This can happen by either just simply going to the given coordinates, or might require other kind of activities, tasks. This part of course always up to your wishes, needs and requirements.

Pirate battle

Timespan: at least 3 hours

Scenario: This team building program is similar to a paintball fight, but with painless laser tag guns and – of course – pirate ships.

The teams either command one-one larger ship, use motorboats to carry out smaller assaults, or they might have to capture the shore from the opposing team. For this event we provide pirate clothes and other accessories, the laser weapons.


Ship rental: this depends on the season, and length of the program.


Sailing tour to Balatonfüred:

Timespan: 4 hours at least
Route: Siófok – Balatonfüred – Siófok

Program: After the 1,5 hour long sailing we arrive to Balatonfüred, where the guest can spend their time in any way. Meal at the old ship factory, and we sail back to Siófok.


Sailing tour with wine tasting event:

Timespan: 2 hours at least
Program: Boarding at Siófok, then we held the wine tasting event in the middle of the Lake. This program doesn’t include the ship rental fee. The St. Kristóf winery provides 6 different wines, this way the personal fee is 2600 huf/person

We have many different scenario, programs and activities, anything can be personalized and we are open to any kind of special request.