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Programs at Siófok and their prices:



About the prices of our sailing ships please refer to the “sailing ship prices” page.


The below prices are in hungarian forint, and reflect the full price.

Talizmán pirate ship :

Program information


Program Description for the Pirate Children Show
Children (2-14 years old)5000
Under 2 yearsFree

Talizmán cruising ship :

Program information


Program description of the cruising tours
Adult at 18:30 daily3500
Children (3-14 years old)3000
Under 3 yearsFree

Talizmán sunset tour and disco ship:

Program information


Program description for the sunset and disco tour
Adult Sunset tour5900
Abult Disco tour5900
+ Drink package
Children (2-14 years old)5000
Under 2 yearsFree

Talizmán bathing and swimming trip

Program information


Program description for the bathing tour
Adult with drink package7500
Adult with food and drinks package11500
Children (3-14 years old)3000
Under 3 yearsFree

Motorboat adrenalin tours and water taxi service

Program information 

Program description for the Adrenalin tour
Under 3 years (max. 2)Free

Program information about Talizmán city sightseeing bus services

Program information


Program description for the Talizmán City sightseeing bust
Children (3-14 years)1500
Under 3 years (max 2 )Free
Mini city (Adult,children)
Adult (return)3000
Children (return)2000

If you wish to use the 56 person sightseeing bus for private programs, the base cost is 49.000 HUF/h + VAT. Depending on the date, season, time and your other programs discounts are possible.

If your group is even bigger, we can assist with electronic buses.



From the above services, in the case you book two or more, you always get discounts as listed:

  • 2 services – 20% discount
  • 3 services – 25% discount
  • 4 services – 30% discount
  • 5 services – 35% discount
  • 6 services – 40% discount
  • 7 services – 50% discount



Outside of high season, for the sightseeing bus we provide a discount of 50% if you purchase tickets for ship services in our office – at Petőfi avenue 9 – or at the docks.

The discounts are not cumulative, and only available if you purchase the tickets at the aforementioned two places. Some discounts are depend on the date and season, or our simultaneous programs.

The discounts are not possible to use together with our partners offers.



Always check the online Timetable about up to date departing times and prices !

Other services:

Stag and hens nights

Talizmán yacht with captain, programs and drinksFrom 11.000. Ft/person
Motorboat service for 2 hours  – max 12 person80.000 Ft
2 hour sailing boat tripplease refer to the “ship rental with captain” page