Speedboat services

Water taxi

The 320 horsepower, high speed boats are providing water taxi service on Lake Balaton. With a capacity of 15 person it’s an optional choice for smaller groups.

Guaranteed no traffic jams, and high speed on the shortest route ensures fast way of transport on Lake Balaton, you can take your bikes, stop for a bath in the middle of the lake and still get to your destination fast!

From Siófok to Balatonfüred it’s only about 15 minutes, a trip from Siófok to Badacsony takes roughly an hour. Guaranteed the fastest way between the two shores! We provide the water taxi service at any port of the lake!

About this service you can read more on the Water taxi page.

Adrenalin tours

Our “adrenalin” personal high speed offer includes a short and insanely fast experience on our motorboats, departure from the number 8 dock at Siófok port.

About this service you can read more on the Adrenalin tour page.