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Our dear passengers can find all the informations concerning the Talizman pirate ship and speedboat adrenalin tours time schedule. During high season, we use two boats ( Talizman II and Talizman III ) for the pirate children program, so they leave every 30 minutes. It is important for to check before you leave because the schedule might change due to our events and team buildings, and if you can to already book your place.

You might be elegible to have a reduction or even a free ticket for the sightseeing bus, Talizman City. Please check this page  to learn more about this.





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Experience generator and lucky wheel

We help you to find the option you need! Click here to access our experience generator, and concentrate on what you want the most! How big is the family or friends group you wish to take? Would you like to have cold drinks in the middle of the Lake Balaton? Or you just want to have a mean of transport to get to the other side? It takes only 15 minutes with our motorboats, or would you rather take this time for a proposal? Barbecue with a nice bottle of wine? Or maybe you are all done with these and need to organize a children party for your princess? You could use a complete program. Did you have enough of the sun and would you rather have a party in the evening?

Roll your luck on our experience generator, and win awesome gifts!

The experience generator will give you answers:


Team Building at Lake Balaton


Organizing team building on Lake Balaton is one of our main activity. We have different task for your team, developing your knowledge and skills while having fun. It can take form as a shared stage, or entertainment that aims to escape everyday life.

Climb up our 16 meters high mast, enjoy our speed boats, have  a nice barbecue in the middle of the Lake balaton, and the team building will achieve your goal.

We organise Sailing team buildings, but also a lot of different events.


Siófok Dock

Szállás keres akár csak 1 éjszakára is?

A központban, de csendes helyen egyedi megoldást kínálunk.

Ébredjen a siófoki Stefánia kikötőben a vitorlásunkon, válassza a Siófok Dock szállás lehetőséget!

Siófok Dock szállás lehetőség Balatonon hajóink fedélzetén. Nappal a vitorlások a vízet járják de éjszakára szállás lehetőségként bérlhetőek.


Kérem, ossza meg velünk tapasztalatát, hogy szolgáltatásaink minőségét emelni tudjuk.Utasaink, vendégeink véleménye fontos számunkra!

A véleménye nem kerül nyilvánosság elé, a cég tulajdonosai informálódnak belőle.

Média ajánló

Legyen a partnerünk, működjünk együtt online és offline felületeinken, szólítsunk meg együtt milliós közönséget! 2018 –ban 85.000 utasra számítunk összességében. A kereskedelmi hajózási tevékenységünk, menetrendi járataink és a 2 órás charter vitorlázás tevékenységeink miatt hajóink ki-be járnak a Balatoni kikötőkben.


Buying and Selling Boats

For buyers, but also for sellers, our goal is to find a new owner for the boats. We always update the boats that we sell on our webpage, so you can always contact us ! Boat buying and selling has never been easier !

Soon, we will also have electrical boats available, so if you have an e-boat that is only taking the dust, feel free to give us a call !