Cruising ships

Participiate in our cruising tours. Enjoy the summer on the board of the biggest sailig yachts of Lake Balaton. Choose the T Flotta programs, to have an unforgetable holiday.

Cruise ship with swimming and barbecue

Spend the whole afternoon in a relax tour in the middle of Lake Balaton with a delicious barbecue. Far away from the crowded beaches.

Pirate Program for Children

On Lake Balaton a really unique experience awaits those who decide by a trip on our Talizmán pirate ship. In this season your children and you have the chance to meet Captain Jack Sparrow himself, while becoming pirates yourselves

Sunset Tour and Disco Ship

The exquisite part of sailing on Lake Balaton – wrapped in the night. The music, the feeling, nighttime Balaton means one thing for everyone.

Adrenalin Tours

We offer our 320 horsepower speedboats for high speed adrenalin tours. The 15 person motorboats depart on schedule from Siófok Port, and provide real high speed boat trips on Lake Balaton.

Sightseeing Train

The Talizmán city sightseeing bus is available in the middle of Siófok and is running according to this timetable .The railway-like small bus has always been a big favorite among our guests, but most it functions as a sightseeing bus with audio guided tours.

Programs at Siófok – Prices