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Private ship rental service

On lake Balaton we organize small private tours for 2-9 person (only You, and the captain on board) mostly Siófok as departing location, but it is possible to request different port for boarding. We provide the ship and the captain, the program and its duration is completely flexible and up to our passengers. Besides our offers for 2-4 hour tours it might be worth to check out our day-long options – visiting the other side of the lake for a dinner and to check out only couple of the many beautiful places Lake Balaton has to offer, easily takes 8 hours.

Those who are interested in sailing the boat, have a chance to try themselves, after just a short introduction from the captain you can take over the ships wheel! For those whose interests are more along the lines of relaxing, laying on the sun or bathing in the middle of the lake or even a small party are perfect and possible options.



Appointed dates are possible to change in advance, as long as you notify us 5 workdays before the originally planned trip. If the weather unexpectedly turns bad for the day of your planned trip, we offer a new appointment. In any other case it is still possible to exchange for gift vouchers which might be used at a later occasion.

Book a date for our service of renting a sailing boat with a skipper, the activities are sailing, bathing, sunbathing! Spend your free time with your family or friends, on the lake, or nearby day trips.

Renting a ship for a whole day adds up from the payment of the captain, and of the ship. For our 2 hours long trips we have unique tariffs.



Good to know:

– The appointment is flexible and rearrangeable, as long as you notify us 5 days prior.

– Our two hours long trip is not long enough to reach the other side, it’s mostly advised as a tryout for sailing, or shorter special occasions – such as proposals, etc.

– It’s recommended to pack some warmer clothes

– Usually wearing your shoes is not necessary – however our crew is greatly thankful if on such occasions your shoes are not making any scuff marks!

– The activities are completely flexible. You get to decide: bathing, relaxing, sunbathing, visiting other coastal cities, etc. ( Some restrictions might apply depending on the weather)

– We provide life jackets in every size, but please notify us about number of the children to ensure we have the right size for everyone. Babies might stay in the ship’s cabin, but we do not recommend sailing at such a young age.

– Pets are not recommended to take along.

– On smaller appointed journeys, it is important to start – and be back on schedule. Please make sure to arrive on time!

– Please provide us the booking number upon boarding. (It is sufficient in digital form as well! )

– The prices do not include drinks and food

– For groups larger than 9 person we recommend Talizmán Yacht services.



Prices of our programs and ships are listed on the Prices page here.