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Talizmán city sightseeing train – and transfer option for groups

The Talizmán city sightseeing bus is available in the middle of Siófok and is running according to this timetable .The railway-like small bus has always been a big favorite among our guests, but most it functions as a sightseeing bus with audio guided tours.
It’s mostly a way of transportation and program for our individual guests, but groups can rent it for unique purposes – such as weddings or other activities. The Talizmán city sightseeing bus is available with combined, discounted tickets with our Talizmán sailing ships.

For individual guests:

Please read the below information regarding the service.

The Talizmán city sightseeing bus awaits it’s passengers for an audio guided tour.

In the following map you can see the route of the bus:

Depending on group activities the timetable might change! Always check here : timetable!


Siófok mainsquare to Bella Zoo – ig.

Stops: Departure times
Fő tér – Víz torony
Siófok port – Talizmán boats
T Flotta office – Petőfi sétány 9.
Panoráma Hotel. Beszédes J. sétány
Magistern. Luxury Hotelek
Galerius – Arany Kemping
Bella Állatpark eBus connecting to the zoo

Galerius (Camping) to the Fő tér direction.

Stops: Departure Times
 eBus connecting to the zoo
Galerius – Arany Camping
Magistern. Luxury Hotel
Panoráma Hotel. Beszédes J. sétány
T Flotta office – Petőfi sétány 9
Siófoki port – Talisman boats /td>
Fő tér – Víz torony

Good to know:
The return ticket is valid between the start and end station there and back.
The price of the ticket is the same if you get on at a different stop.
If you only use the bus for a maximum of two stops, you can use the “mini city” ticket which is the same price for adults and children.
There are many ways to get discount, or use it even for free – for example Talizmán pirate ship program, motorboat service both offers a discounted ticket for the Talizmán sightseeing bus (This might change depending on season etc, please always ask about this part of the service when booking. )
If you buy the tickets from the local retailers, you always have to pay the full price, but if you combine it with our other services, we will refund the amount of the discount for you.

You can combine the tickets with the following programs:

TheTicket price are depending on season and our concurrent programs. Please refer to our “Siófok programs” : A siófoki program prices page.

Transportation for groups

For groups who are attending different services organized by us, such as weddings, team buildings, or any other group activities, the Talizmán city sightseeing bus is available to rent. Up to 56 passengers, it’s a comfortable and enjoyable way of transport.
About this service please always inquire while discussing the connected service, or check out the above link about the general prices.