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Sailing Team Building on Lake Balaton 


Balaton, sailing, and team building activities – these are our specialties. From the largest ships on Lake Balaton, to small sailing ships and motorboats, basically everything what floats – we rely on these tools to give you the best offer, and organize team building and other outdoor activities. A sailing ship team building program is a good choice for smaller and bigger companies as well – from 9 to 500 person we offer to organize any size of team building. To take part of our programs it is possible to request a different port to board, such as Tihany, Balatonfüred, Balatonkenese, or Alsóörs.

The teambuilding service is one of our most popular programs, and always tailored to the unique requirements of our guests – considering the number of people and any other circumstances. You can choose from two basic packages – but it always can change depending on your needs – the first and foremost for us is that our guests have a good time!

Sailing tour team building

Scenario: The parttakers arrive to the board, and are separated to two equal groups, who will receive either fitting colored bandages or shirts if that’s necessary. After this the official trainers will start the activities on the ship – or, above 50 person on ships. These activities are [változatosak] and fun, to complete them the players will need intelligence, skillfulness, and even some bravery. After each task the teams will be given a score, at the end this will decide about the winner – who gets some awesome gifts besides the daunting feeling of winning.

Our most popular activities for teambuilding are:

  • Mast-Climbing
  • Knotting
  • Pirate starter
  • Pirate roulette
  • Target shooting with airsoft guns

Timespan: At least 2 hours

Price: 4000 HUF/person

Using speedboats as additional device is possible, and highly recommended – it’s a guaranteed experience


Team Building on sailing ships tasks description:

Balaton-knowledge quiz game:

This task is orchestrated by the captain himself. After 30 years of sailing experience on Lake Balaton, and a true vein for comedy, he will make you feel in a TV show soon enough.

Aim-> Assertive communication development


The first part of the task is to locate the places picked by the captain. After this the team takes over the wheels and will navigate the ship.

Aim-> Assertive communicational skills


Even if the name of this task leads to it, you can also do it without any climbing. One member of the team has to wear some provided clothing, and then the rest of the team has to pull him on the mast. The more team member undertakes the courage to achieve this challenge, the more points you’ll get.

Aim –> Strengthens confidence, overcome inhibition


This task requires a bit of dexterity, and a lot of attention. The captain will show you 6 types of famous and useful knotting techniques. After a few trials, the team members will have to do them themselves if they want to reach the maximum points.

Aim –> Increases concentration and confidence

Pirate starter:

Writing a pirate song always brings the creativity of the team members, especially when you have to use at least 10 expression that are linked to your company. At the end of the task, you’ll present your creations, which creates a perfect mood for the end of the program.

Aim –> Bring up creativity

Pirate roulette:

We usually build this task into the program when there is a new colleague in your team. All the team members say 3 things about themselves, that the new team member will have to repeat at the end. Before this task starts, we’ll put a tray with 3 glasses of water and 3 glasses of palinka. If he doesn’t answer correctly , he’ll have to choose a glass and drink from it.

Aim–> Socialize the new team member

Target shooting with airsoft guns:

This tasks is exactly what it sounds likes, you’ll have to shoot balloons with airsoft guns. The team has to inflate 10 balloons in time, tie them, drop them in the water and then a chosen team member will have to shoot them. The balloons and bullets are eco-friendly, so they’ll degrade themselves in the water. After the time is up, the other team members will also get the chance to try to shoot.

Aim–> Strenghtens team work


Captain – Sailing Team Building


You can choose from our different tasks :

  • Sailor fine
  • Evacuation
  • Underwater scooter race
  • Shark hunting
  • Life-jacket show

Timespan: min. 2 hours

Price: 6.000 Ft/person

The tasks are customizable and combinable depending on the time that you have at your disposal.

Using speedboats as an additional device is possible, and highly recommended – it’s a guaranteed experience



Sailing team building tasks :


Sailor fine :

It was an old tradition on the sea, to punish the marin by pulling him under the boat. We’ll simulate a punishment on the boat, and the team members will have to pull a puppet under the boat.

Aim –> Devellop problem solving skills


Evacuation :

This simulates that the ship is sinking and the team members will have to leave the ship to go on an escape pod. To make this task more fun, the team members won’t have paddles, so they’ll have to use brooms to be able to move forward.

Aim–> Manage stressful situation, fast decision making, improve team work

Underwater scooter race :

These are still a bit unkown in Hungary, but it only makes waterscooter more fun ! The team members will race in the water, and the goal is for each one to get the most points.

Aim–> Keep your position in a competition, Have fun

Life jacket show :

Once the team members are wearing their safety jackets, they’ll have to jump into the water from one side of the boat, then swim around the boat and get back on board on the other side. All the team members will have to do this, but they won’t have a ladder to get back on the boat, so someone might need to stay on board to help the others. But you’ll have to hurry up, because there is a given time to finish the task !

Aim–> Improve teamwork, fast decision making

Sailing Team building leaving from all ports, our boats are waiting for you !


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