Field Trip to Lake Balaton – at Siófok


On the base of the contract made with the National Educational Association we can provide unique and special offers for student groups to school field trips and class excursiones.

During the occasion of the field trip there’s an option for swimming at the beach and beyond the experiences of Lake Balaton for an all day long cruising tour to explore the monuments of the hungarian sea. On the ship excurison we can provide visiting Balatonfüred’s different museums and monuments. The next and really popular station is Tihany. The program is optional during the boat trip we can form to the special needs. The programs are free to choose at: Siófok, Zamárdi, Tihany and Baltonfüred or any city in the East Cove of the Lake with port. We can provide cheap accomodation for the participants during the field trip.

With our special offer you can participiate in a 3 day long Field Trip. Our offer contains:


Special price pack for school field trips contains:

  • 2 night at an accomodation at Művész üdülő in a picturesque landscape
  • halfboard catering
  • in the evening bacon baking at the fireplace and after that a private disco at the accomodation
  • all day long cruising tour
  • swimming in the middle of Lake Balaton
  • Animation on board, different intellectual and interactive programes
  • barbecue after the boat tour
  • dicounted tickets and full organization

The discounted sale price 25.000Ft.- (* the number of the group changes the price, ask for a special offer)


Spend the prices of the bus and the transfer to programs, so you can save a significant amount of money to your class. Choose the cruising tour – with programs at – Balatonfüred.

Who are participiating in the sale priced pack, we draw an Adrenaline Tour with our 320 horsepowered speedboat. This will make an unforgetable experience for the students independently of the agegroup.

Our offer is avilable for smaller and bigger kids too. The program seelction depends of the agegroup of the class or group. The accomodation is free for accompanying teacher.

If you don’t have the option for a 3 day lon trip we can offer you a short 1 day program or a simple boat excursion. And we can provide an option for our pleasure boat trip with discounted price.

We offer our Field Trips at Lake Balaton packs from the short boat trips to few days long fieldt trips with accomodation at Siófok and Zamárdi.

Ask for a special offer through e mail or telephone, because we work to make unforgatable experiences at the beaches of the hungarian sea.

Contact us for special discounted offers for Field Trips at Balaton on these e mail adresses: Contacts