As the biggest boat company at lake Balaton, we’re looking for marketing and PR partners.

Besides a real partnership and advertising, we’re also interested in other options.
In the past 16 years, our company became one of the main firm around the lake. We’re constantly trying to improve and develop our services to maintain our position in the market. We’re proud to say that we own the biggest boat fleet of lake Balaton. We have all kind of boats, from the 8-10 persons sailing boat, the 320 horsepower speedboats, to the 50-70 persons sailing yachts with two masts.
We have all kind of different programs like Children Pirate show, team buildings, sunset tours and even private events like weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

What we can offer to our partners :

Online :

– 80 000 visitors on our website
– Constant appearance on « coupon pages » like : Bónusz Brigád, Diamond Deal, Akcion, Veddvelem. This enables a few million people to see our offers and packages
– Appearance on the Időkép, which has an average of 150 000 daily visitors
– Appearance on our current partners website : Balatoncard, Fővárosi Vízművek, Feldobox, Nagynap, Siófok portal (and a lot more !)


– 40 000 leaflets at our partner’s desk, for example : Siófok **** Hotels, Veszprém zoo, Zamárdi Adventure park, camping.
– Around 350 events and team buildings where there is a possibility for promotion
– Our 45.000 cruising passengers
– Appearance on the biggest sailing boats of the lake Balaton (on flags for example)
– Our speedboats are on the water almost everyday
– Participation (with our boats) in bigger events like: Kékszalag, Alsóőrsi motors találkozó, Balaton Sound, Yacht Balaton
– Television appearance (for example : Balatoni nyár)
– More advertising space on our sightseeing bus (around 18 000 passengers, and the bus is seen by more than 100 000 people)
– In 2018, we think we’ll have around 85 000 passengers
– Our boats are always going in and out of the ports of the lake Balaton


Documents that you can download

T Flotta presentation 
Information for our partners
For Sales representatives
PR and marketing offer
Team building and event calculator