Team Building on the water

A team building on the lake balaton is the perfect choice for small and big companies. We can welcome up to 500 persons to offer you the perfect team building training.

It became our trademark to build our team building tasks on intelligence, skills and courage. Our new team building challenges are built in a new program that is our Water Team building Training.

Boats are the main tool of our team building on the Balaton lake. Besides being very entertaining, it brings up the same feeling as if you were on holidays, while improving your skills, concentration and team work.

We fix our team building tasks depending on the number of participants. It is possible to also have catering services with beverage packages, snacks, but also a full barbecue.

Our base is in Siofok, but it possible to go to other ports since Balatonfüred and Tihany are only an hour away. Our business events offer you a real chance to relax, perfectly fitting your needs.



You can choose from these different tasks :

  • Pirate fine
  • Evacuation (Using a lifeboat and an ocean rescue boat )
  • Waterscooter race
  • Shark hunting
  • Lifejacket show


Most of our tasks take place in the water, and we mostly use the boat as a base. Besides being very confortable and useful, our ships guarantee that we’ll be able to do everything you want to do in the given time since the weather and wind doesn’t really influence them ( compared to our smaller sailboats).


We always design a unique program for our team buildings, and combine the tasks that you can find above with our team buildings challenges to offer you the perfect mix. You can find more information about our team building challenges here.

balatoni csapatépítés



You can also try out speedboats to make the experience even more complete and fun. Our Business events create a real chance to escape from your everyday life !


If you want to learn more about our team buildings, don’t hesitate to contact us !


Contact :


Tel.: +36/30 542 4547


The prices are based on the boat rental prices, organisation fees and any other extras that you may ask for.