Team Building Olympics

We’re looking for winners !


We’re waiting for you and your team to come try out the different tasks that we have prepared for you, and try to win our Olympics !

All the team members will be divided in different groups, and they’ll have to take the same challenges during the whole team building.

Our main profile is to do team buildings at lake Balaton, but it also possible to arange one in Budapest, the only difference is that it won’t be possible to be on a boat.


Here is how one of our typical team building goes :

I’m on a speedboat, water in splashing on my sunglasses, wind is my hair, and I can see a Sailing ship that’s waiting for me

Once we moved to the Talizman Yacht, the members will be divided in different groups, and they’ll try our different challenges :

  • Navigation
  • Drive the ship
  • Mast-climbing
  • Airsoft
  • Bottle Post
  • Watery teambuilding tasks
  • Balaton quiz
  • And a lot more …

You can try out our speedboats for a short time, or our sailing boats that fit up to 10 persons.

There is also the possibily to do a tresor hunt on the water (using a GPS) or a test docking with the sailing boats.


You want to try this out ? Show your manager or HR our different packages !

Come to do a team building on the Balaton lake, and be the winner of our olympics !

It is also possible to have more elaborated team buildings, or other options and extras, we can always arrange something for you.

Click here  to learn more about our team buildings.