General Information

General Information about our 2 hours sailing tours with a captain:


• Departure is always from one of our ports: the Stefania port, that you can find a the end of the Vitorlás utca, behind the Hotel Yacht and the Hotel Móló. The other option is the Siofok Ezüstpart port that you can fin in Széplak next to the Calypso restaurant, but we only have 2 boats there, so it’s less likely. We will tell in the booking where is the meeting point.

• It is very important for you not to mix up these ports with the Ship station, where our bigger ships leave from. You can find the Ship Station on the Krúdy Setany, at the number 8 post, where our pirate ship, sunset tour and disco ship leaves from.

• If you never came sailing with us, then the easier is to write the adress of the Hotel Yacht in a GPS. You can park your car for free on the guest parking of the Hotel Yacht ( Please leave the places right in front of the hotel available for the hotel guests.)

• Sailing is very depending of the weather. We don’t recommend to go sailing if it’s raining, if the wind is stronger than 40 km/h or if the temperature is under 15°C. In theses cases, we’ll find a new appointment for you (for free of course) !

• If the weather isn’t good on the day of your appointment, please call your captain. We’ll give you his contact the day before your appointment.

• Please try to always be on time, especially if you rent the boat for 2 hours. Our boats have to follow a tight schedule, so if you are late, the time that you can spend on the boat is going to be shorter.

• Unfortunately, you can’t stop in another port during the 2 hours trip. The only reason is that you won’t have time : For example Siófok-Balatonfüred is 2-3 hours one way, depending of the wind. But don’t worry, 2 hours is plenty enough time to enjoy our boats, and even to jump in the water if you want.

• If you rent a boat for a full day (8 hours), then you’ll have time to stop at another port on the other side of the lake, for example Balatonfüred, Alsóörs or Tihany. Our boats have the « Bahart » sticker, so it is free of charge to stop at these ports. You can stop and go for lunch, have a drink or walk around the town. It can happen, especially during high season, that there is no free space in the dock, please be comprehensive since we can’t do anything about it. If you don’t know where to go, or don’t have a specific plan, feel free to ask your captain !

• We do not recommend to go sailing with children who are under 3 years old. Our captain simply cannot take responsability for them. Please try to find someone who takes cares of them while you’re sailing.

• You are not allowed to bring dogs or cats on the boats. Until a certain size, our colleagues in the office or the Ship station can take care of them while you’re on the boat. For small dogs, please contact us so we can discuss whether you can or can’t bring them on the boat.

• We’ll thank you in the name of our boats if you arrive whit white or clear soled shoes. Besides that, there are no specific requirements, but come dressed according to the weather ! 🙂

• We have life jacket on all of our boats, you don’t have to specifically ask for them.

• Feel free to bring food and drinks on the boat !
If you have any other questions, please contact us here.