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Sailing Trips & Specials

Boat trips on Lake Balaton

Our Offers:

Class trips, student groups,  for educational institutions: Boat Excursion for the Class

2 hours and a day of sailingtour, learning about sailing ont he Lake: Sailing Trips

Our scheduled Ship programs for children: Children's Treasure Hunter Pirate Ship

Providing complete relaxation excursion tours: Relax and Bath Tour in the Middle of the Lake

After a Sunset Tour a Welcome Moon night trip: Laser show

From the Lake shipping one not get tired of. There is always something new, something even more beautiful. According to the opinions of the experienced sailors, the real beauty of the lake and the water is just be seen from the water, but it is not given to everyone to enjoy from their own sailingboat the pleasures offered by the lake.

Our offers will give an opportunity to see the real face of Balaton, and after a trip with a departure  from Siofok be enriched  with true sailing experience.

To be on water is an unsurpassed experience:  we give opportunities for swimming in the crystal clear waters of the open lake, you can enjoy the beauty of the amazing landscape and feel  the freedom, diversity and challenges of the wind.

The only question is how many people take part in the trip!

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