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Team Building Events

Teambuilding at Lake Balaton


In all of the organization's life there comes a moment when - team building or a team work will be necessary to strengthen.

Some of the special team building programs - developed by T Fleet for lake - are published here below:

Sailing School - Boat Trip

Sailing team building - Regatta

Team Building - The Drunken crew

Team Building - Look for the women!

Lake Balaton, sailing boats and team building - these are our specialies. From the largest ships to the smallest sailing boats and with all the equipments that swim or swim less we organize our team-buildings and outdoor programs… The Talisman I. and  II. Yachts are the largest Sailingships on Lake Balaton and we have converted them for our events. Some of our team building sailing programs are described as follows:


Boat trips, sailing school

Duration: minimum 1 hour

CsapatépítésThis is the basic program, under which the participants take part in a boat trip with the lake'slargest sailing ship.  For those who want more than atotal relaxation , specific programs have been developed. The ship's design and dimensions are perfect also for larger groups to acquaint themselves with sailing and navigation skills.
A small group of 3-4 depending on the number of the guestscan participate in training courses and exercises. Theory, practice and exams at the same time.

On these
three programs are our events based on and on this base are constructed  severe individual solutions.
Since the groups have different needs, therefore we arrange  generally unique, customized solutions for everybody.

Regatta - Sailing Teambuilding:

Csapat építésFor more than 30 to 40 people (no real upper limit) or for those who only want to sail with a little more excitement we have this half-day,full-day package. Sailing-boat race on a built track.

The passenger sailing vessels (40 people) and the number of 10 persons sailing vessel developed by involving program. The revolving stage is properly rotated between groups of different ships, while the fund our programs, caveats, complete catering services.

We organize a sailing regatta with the withdrawal of our small ships. In this case our program-boat is taking part as a base-ship in which the participants may watch the regatta. An experienced sail instructor or a professional competitor join all teams: the teams compete with each other and time to win.



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